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1/29/19: A Little Night Music Director on KDFC

Dennis Lickteig, the director for A Little Night Music as well as the Artistic Director of Lamplighters, gave a great interview about the show with KDFC.

8/7/18: Sunday in the Park with George Cast Sings the National Anthem at the Giants Game

As part of the their annual traditional, the cast of Sunday in the Park with George at SF Playhouse was asked to sing the national anthem at the Giants game over the summer. Unlike the previous time with City of Angels where I had to since the alto line, this time I took my normal place down with the basses.

1/26/18: New SF play about AIDS Explores Why We Can’t Escape the Past (Mercury News)

Sam Hurwitt from the Mercury News also did an interview with Tim Pinckney, the author of Still at Risk.

1/18/18: Getting Unstuck After the AIDS Crisis: An Interview with Still at Risk Author Tim Pinckney (Bay Area Reporter)

Richard Dodds from the Bay Area Reporter did an interview with the author of Still at Risk to learn more about the origins of the play and the parallels with Tim’s own experiences. Tim’s been closely involved with our world premiere at NCTC and he’s been wonderful to work with.

12/27/16: A Holiday Tradition: Vulgar Puppets (SF Chronicle)

Once a show has been running for four seasons it tends to not get a lot of press, but this article from Lily Janiak at the San Francisco Chronicle was a nice highlight!

8/17/16: City of Angels Cast Sings the National Anthem at the Giants Game

The cast of City of Angels at SF Playhouse was asked to sing the national anthem at the Giants game over the summer. Because the show is so heavy with men, the music director asked me to sing the alto line. I’m probably one of the few people who can say they sang the national anthem at a major sporting event entirely in their falsetto.

5/18/16: Background Story of On a Clear Day (SF Chronicle)

The SF Chronicle had a great article on the backstory behind the new version of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever that we’re doing at NCTC. Plus some fun rehearsal pictures of us!

1/4/16: Our Avenue Q featured on American Theater Onstage This Week

Our production of Avenue Q was featured in the weekly roundup by American Theatre editors.

11/10/14: TBA Award Winner!

I’m so honored to have been selected as the 2014 TBA Award winner for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Principal Roles in a Musical. See the full list of award winners here.

6/11/14: Featured Member of Theatre Bay Area for June

Theatre Bay Area has selected me as their featured member for the month of June! Read the interview here.

2/14/12: Couples in Theater Article

Theatre Bay Area did an interview with Dennis and I to feature as a Valentine’s Day special about couples in theater. Read it here.