On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Role: Dr. Mark Bruckner
New Conservatory Theatre Center
Director: Ed Decker
Music Director: Matthew Cannon
Choreographer: Jayne Zaban
Opening: May 13, 2016
Photos: Lois Tema


I knew nothing about this show in any of its previous versions before Ed Decker approached me about playing Dr. Mark Bruckner in the NCTC production. He had been in contact with Liza Lerner, the daughter of the lyricist Alan Jay Lerner and one of the producers of the 2011 Broadway revival, and had received permission to be the first to produce the revised script that changes the patient Daisy into Davey (introducing a gay subplot) and adds some wonderful music to the score from Royal Wedding. It ended up being one of the few times when I actually think the revision is better than the original.