The Busy World Is Hushed

Role: Brandt
New Conservatory Theatre Center
Director: Dennis Lickteig
Opening: June 6th, 2014
Photos: Lois Tema


A little known three-hander, ostensibly about the translation of a newly discovered gospel (in the vein of the Nag Hammadi scrolls) by an academic minister and her ghost writer. Underneath the surface is a beautifully written drama that explores parenting, forgiveness, faith, love, grief, finding your way, and the truth behind the founding of Christianity. In addition to being on stage with two lovely people (Lindsey Evje and Justin DuPuis) in this San Francisco Premiere, it also piqued my curiosity enough to read the original Nag Hammadi scrolls which I’d recommend to anyone to understand what was purposefully left out of the writings selected for the Bible as we know it today.