The Story of My Life

Role: Thomas Weaver
Contra Costa Civic Theater
Director: Dennis Lickteig
Music Director: Joe Simiele
Opening: November 14th, 2010
Photos: Ben Krantz


I hadn’t heard of this show until Dennis brought it to my attention. The cast recording didn’t grab me at first until I’d read through the script and understood the context of the songs. Then I was hooked. I played Tom, who had left his childhood friend, Alvin, far behind in his journey to become a famous author and returns home as a middle-aged man when Alvin suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. Being a one-act, two-man musical with both characters on the entire time, it was such a wonderful vehicle for storytelling as we brought the audience through episodes in their lives together and apart. In addition to being the Bay Area Premiere, it was also my first opportunity to work with Paul Araquistain, who I have admired for years.