Sunday in the Park with George

Role: Napoleon (The Soldier) / Alex
San Francisco Playhouse
Director: Bill English
Music Director: Dave Dobrusky
Choreographer: Kim Richards
Opening: July 11th, 2018
Photos: Ken Levin


Dennis directed Sunday right before we met and the actress who played Dot in that production, Cynthia Myers, introduced the two of us, so it has always had a special place for us. Plus, it’s another Robert Westenberg role for me, which is always a good match for my voice. Bill’s idea of casting a second, silent soldier instead of the traditional cardboard cutout made for some interesting interpretations, including my idea of having us use sign language to communicate that created some beautiful moments. Due to the amount of time backstage, I would bring my computer and work on my tech job in what started to be known as my Union Square office. And, of course, the cast sang the anthem at a Giant’s game, an SFP summer musical tradition.