Thrill Me

Role: Richard Loeb
New Conservatory Theatre Center
Director: Dennis Lickteig
Music Director: Tim Hanson
Opening: April, 2008
Photos: Lois Tema


A two-man musical based on the real life lovers/killers Leopold & Loeb who lured a 14 year old boy to their car, beat him to death with a chisel and then tried to hide the body by dumping acid on it and stowing it in a sewer pipe. Clarence Darrow, the famous lawyer from the Inherit the Wind Scopes Monkey Trial, was their defense attorney in what was dubbed “the crime of the century.” Certainly the darkest character I’ve ever played, and coming at the end of my “Child Abuse Trilogy” the experience of doing this Bay Area Premiere cemented for me that playing villains can be a lot more fun than the heroes.